Our mission statementWe are an online boutique with a goal to provide women with modest and affordable clothing that makes each of them feel confident & comfortable, while giving back a portion of our sales to nonprofit organizations in our community.    


      I'm so excited you're here, seriously! I'm Catherine, owner of Sew Lovely Boutique. After months of consideration of opening a small business, I finally told my husband, Reagan, about this crazy idea I had, and he has been supportive and encouraging of this dream of mine ever since!
Since day one, my hope has been to provide you with a shopping experience that brings a smile to your face and puts your mind at ease. Ultimately, I want each item that you purchase from us to help you to feel beautiful- because that's what you are, my friends.
     As far as life aside from this business goes, Reagan and I have been together over 10 years, married for 5 years, and just had our first little girl in December 2020. He is a Physician Assistant and I am a Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist. Now, with both of us being back to work full time and having a little one at home, we have officially decided to close our shop. We have had a blast hosting and attending events and meeting you all over the past 4 years in business. Our customers have been a big part of our "why" since the start. 
    If you have any questions/comments, any particular items/prints you'd like to see, or simply need a word of encouragement for the day, please email/Facebook/Instagram me!
Much love,